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Ace member of the year 2018

Marc Lopez

PDGA #64351

Marc has been traveling back and forth between Turkey Hill, Hot Shots and Sayburrs Edge logging more league rounds than anyone else for years.  He is also one of our most active tournament players, and he is always volunteering to help with club course work. To say he was long overdue for being recognized as Ace Member of the Year is a total understatement. 

Past Ace Members of the Year:
2017 Jeremiah Burton, 2016 Steve McCune, 2015 Bryan Grossbach, 2014 Chris Woehrer

2018 SOMD DGA Board of Directors


President / Director of Programming

Jerry Honis

PDGA #47032

A founding member of the SOMD DGA. Jerry has been playing disc golf since 2009 and is an active PDGA member, and is one of the course designers of Turkey Hill Park. As President, Jerry is responsible for residing over all club activities and club meetings, and reviewing all requests made to the organization. As the Director of Programming, Jerry is responsible for scheduling and coordinating the successful operation of club activities and tournaments,  


Vice President / Director of Facilities

Mike Seay

PDGA #38332

A founding member of the SOMD DGA. Mike has been playing disc golf since 2006 and is in active member of the PDGA. Mike is the owner and operator of Sayburrs Edge, a private disc golf course he maintains in Calvert County. As the SOMD DGA Director of Facilities, Mike is responsible for organizing course maintenance, course improvements and course development. Mike is also the senior officer and voice when the President is not present.


Treasurer / DIRECTOR OF Finance

John Zydell

PDGA #6756

John first played disc golf when in high school back in 1984 and then sporadically throughout college. He rediscovered the sport again in Southern Maryland in 2014 and quickly became an active member of the club and the PDGA again. As the Director of Finance, John is responsible for managing, accounting, and dispersing all common organization funds. 

DIRECTOR OF Public Relations

Billy Safford

PDGA #43327

Also the current Maryland State PDGA Coordinator, Billy is a true advocate of the sport and is among the most active disc golfers in Maryland having played over 240 courses in 26 States.  An athletics teacher and high school coach by day, Billy's passion is engage children and adults in learning the sport of disc golf. Billy routinely hosts clinics and speaks at seminars upon request. He is also leading new course development at local public schools and State Parks. 


DIRECTOR OF membership

Chris Woehrer

Another founding member of the SOMD DGA and 2014 Ace Member of the Year,  Chris is one of the most dedicated members of our association and most active members of the club at Hot Shots. He always finds a way to attend club events even when he is not able to play and is always helping out at weekly league rounds. Chris oversees our yearly membership drive and assembles our official newsletters. And he is always helping out members both on and off the course whenever possible.