Website Updates -- work in progress

Hi everybody. I found some time to work on this website a little bit and completed the membership section and most of the other sub pages.  There's still a lot more to do including adding a store front for our extra club discs and apparel. After this is all set up I hope to find a few club members to contribute to news updates and store management. Stay tuned! 

2017 Membership Drive


Sign up to become a member of the Southern Maryland Disc Golf Association, INC. 

Two membership levels are offered:
ACE Membership:
• Receive full membership package
• Full membership with full responsibilities and voting rights.
• Must pay dues and fulfill responsibilities.
• Encouraged to hold office and/or help run a major event each year.
• Entitled to full benefits, discounts, and attendance to board meetings.

BIRDIE Membership:
• Receive Bag Tag
• Full membership with voting rights and limited responsibilities.
• Cannot be elected to board of directors, but may be appointed as an interim director.
• Must pay dues and fulfill minimal responsibilities.
• Entitled to partial discounts.

Member Benefits:
• One year membership in the Southern Maryland Disc Golf Association.
• Electronic mailings and newsletters.
• Discounts on selected Southern Maryland Disc Golf Association fundraiser items.
• Discounts on goods/services offered by participating businesses.
• Ace and Birdie members eligible for select discounts during disc golf events

All Ace membership applications shall be submitted by September 30 of the current calendar year. All current year applications submitted after September 30 will be considered for Par or Birdie level membership.
Grace period for renewing Ace Members expires April 1st of current calendar year. Ace members that fail to renew dues by April 1st will be considered Par Members until Ace Member dues are renewed.

Southern Maryland Disc Golf Association, Inc bylaws are posted here: